Did you know that ancient people already knew it?

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Mesopotamian civilizations, greeks, ancient romans,  took great care of their facial hair using oils to condition and moisturize beards. In Ancient Mesopotamia, for example, upper-class men dyed their beards with henna, powdered them with gold-dust, and curled meticulously and artfully with the precious help of oil.

WHAT DOES TODAY HAPPEN? Today, the beard’s rise is dued to celebrities, hipster culture and to TV series such as Games of Thrones. Also the word lumbersexual  has been coined for men with a sexy beard. They already know that beard oil is necessary to reach the best result ever: it’s made from natural conditioning oils, that don’t grease and that make the beard soft, healty, shiny and groomed, for a handsome male sex appeal.

GORDON OIL BEARD TONIC is a lightweight and nourishing oil that makes beard softer and healtier. Calendola, mallow and althaea extracts hydrate and soothe. Prickly pear seed oil is highly moisturizer and conditioner. Rich of linoleic acid, it doesn’t grease. Apply on wet or dry skin.

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