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It’s very curious when summer and social network create trend and fashion mood that influence all of us! We’re going to see the 2016 summer trend and hashtag that show the beard as protagonist!



With the official hashtrag #beardflip you can see the nost absurd scene of the beard in the water!
I’m going to explain better, for who doesn’t know: it consists in a shot or in a video of a particular moment that shows a wet beard moved by a sudden movement in the sea or in a swimming pool, it creates a water bow effect. It’s a joke refers to the female gesture done with long crowns of hair.



The hashtag #beardfrombelow groups who took a picture of his beard from a inusual prospective, from below, creating a strange optic illusion! Someone creates a particular shape with the beard, other uses sun glasses to show a face with beard instead of the hair! It’s funny!



This trend really goes on for a long time and regards to two of the greatest web passion: cats and beards! The strange thing is that…beard is not required to take this kind of pictures! Moreover it’s not necessary that you are a man, but iit’s enough have a docile cat that stays in pose!!!

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