The story: the hipster

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In the 40’s to be an hipster means living in alternative way in its most profound of the word and and even reject the company’s values ​​not working , not following a normal lifestyle.
Today the hipster is a person who tries to live in an alternative way, but in a more sober manner, following a clothing, getting passion to a musical genre, choosing a sophisticated philosophy making it his own.

The hipster style is always distinct: hipster beard has first the predominant feature of being thick. It doesn’t necessarily mean long beard, how often it is used to thinking! It is not a must that the length of the beard is mandatory to be a hipster, many people loves a short beard hipster and sometimes it should be the better choise. But I’m going to explain an hipster beard: it has a fake-ruffled aspect, short or long, that required many time and care for styling, even if sometimes it seems sketchy.

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