Why does the beard grow? Testosterone and emotional reactions

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For someone everyday shaving is a pleasure, but in other case it can be a really noisy, or a torture! Sooner or later, every man must make a decision with his beard! Let her grow up or shaving it?

As everyone knows, beard growth is regulated by levels of testosterone, a hormone in the body that also regulates other traits of masculinity, such as chest hair. So inevitably the beard is a message of strength: our instinctive recognizes this and attaches it to an amount of testosterone that is symbol of potential aggressiveness.

But the truth is more complicated! In addition to testosterone, the beard also needs nutrients and vitamins that we can have only with good nutrition. So once again, the beard describes a lifestyle, communicates something much more!

Last, but not least: treat every beard is unique! For the more unfortunate beard does not grow all the same and, depending on the density of hair, it may be more or less thick.

Thereby: if you let the beard grow fallow, the result will not be ideal for sure, but with a nice beard will look more important, virile and essays, it’s indipendent from what you know to do, because the beard recalls ancestral emotional reactions that will communicate to others your testosterone levels and health of your body.

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