Dear aspiring bearded men, nowadays having an epic, thick, magnificent beard is no longer a pipe dream! Here, we have unveiled 8 tricks to achieving a hipster beard.

1. Patience is the virtue of the strong. Alas, a fine beard does not grow in one day. You have to be patient and persistent, resist the itch and do not cut your beard for 4-6 weeks to let it grow.
2. Choose your style. You can seek professional advise on its thickness, length and shape according to your face.
3. Cultivate it with love. It is essential that you have proper professional equipment to touch-up your beard effortlessly. A good, electric hair clipper will be your best friend when creating an outline and always keeping it tidy and well cared for.
4. Passionate about hygiene. It is important to clean your beard gently to keep it healthly and attractive, but you should also scrub it once a week to remove impurities and encourage growth.
5. Hydration and nourishment. With the help of a light oil and suitable creams, your beard will grow healthy and shiny.
6. Get rid of the knots. A well-groomed beard is one that is brushed daily with the help of a bristle brush, which gets rid of the knots and eliminates frizz.
7. Do not forget your moustache.Even a moustache needs to be properly cared for. Styling creams can provide a helping hand.
8. Follow a healthy lifestyle.Look after yourself, reduce stress and follow a proper diet, rich in vitamins and folic acid.

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