The man's skin is denser and richer in fibres than the woman's, which is why they age later than the fairer sex, but it is also more prone to impurities, so performing a facial scrub at least once a week is important not only for the skin, but also for the growth of the beard. Smog and impurities are deposited daily on the face, creating a lipidic film that produces oily skin and a greasy beard, moreover the male skin is often oily skin and is more prone to skin impurities, folliculitis and acne.
Using an exfoliating gel weekly helps to soften and tone both the skin and the beard, it eliminates the accumulation of sebum that is responsible for acne, it facilitates shaving because it removes dead cells that hinder the action of the razor, it prevents the formation of wrinkles and can be an ally for the treatment of some imperfections such as sun spots, freckles or dry skin.

The Gordon scrub cleans deep down, eliminating dirt residue and dead cells thanks to its microparticles of volcanic lava and micronised olive pits. If you scrub before shaving, the scrub also prevents the formation of in-grown hairs and facilitates the formation of a thick and even beard. It can also be used on a medium to long beard, which remains clean and voluminous. The organic chamomile and liquorice extracts have a soothing and revitalising effect.

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