Gordon, classic trend

Gordon is new trand range for male grooming, which facilitates the expression of one’s own manhood in every beard styles. In order to meet every man’s need to look and feel good, Gordon is the perfect union and optimum combination of tradition, innovation and nature. The life-style of who chooses Gordon products, is of a person that is health concious, physically fit who lives life to the full. Leaving nothing to chance, let alone his appreciation and personal choice of high quality products.Man as protagonist, Gordon enhances man as an absolute protagonist: a man who takes care of his choice between more beard styles and who loves to look good. In every moment he is aware and in quest of his true identity and originality, to demonstrate his persona, to present himself to others with either the perfect shave, or in contrast with a particular beard styles, as wild beard, or indeed well groomed moustache.

Beauty-care and well-being

Every element of the Gordon range has been created by Gordon’s laboratories which are continually committed to research the most suitably originally-sourced, natural ingredients suitable for every beard styles.
Working in full appreciation of nature, the expert team, researches and creates unique formulations for Gordon. The selection of the active product attributes is a very important step and the main secret of the high quality of Gordon products. These contain ingredients that are biologically active and have recognised beneficial effects and revitalizing powers, endowing a perception of vitality and health to each man’s face. In representation of the traditional English style, the packaging is produced in alluminium, which is an excellent material for cosmetic products. As a benefit, every Gordon product is reliably and safely protected, furthermore the packaging is 100% recyclable. Alluminium assures quality and stability without loss of freshness and fragrance of the products. This is a perfect solution, to preserve the environment and the integrity of product.

The Beard, classic trendly

Full in trend with Anglo-Saxon tradition, having a beard is a classic.
Moustaches and beards are long-held leading features of male-grooming: they may be freely changed with many beard styles and customised to represent a true man’s expression. Whether a full beard or moustache or stubble, whether bushy, hipster style or a defined goatee, the finish is all important. Gordon’s beard cleanser, pomade and cream conditioner are ideal for any beard styles and they have been made with natural ingredients. Highly recognizable by their stimulating and distinguishing image.

Shaving, a ritual from tradition

Gordon is also dedicated to the shaving with a line that brings out one of the oldest personal hygiene rituals masculine, like a real philosophy of life. Face-care as a daily routine and tradition that fathers proudly pass to sons, where the essential man is the absolute protagonist; a man who takes care of his body, his good looks and image. The action of shaving is a ritual, indeed a personal dedication that comes from long-held traditions. Gordon presents a transparent gel for shaving, a shaving fluid and an after shave emulsion.